Please visit me at http://www.facebook.com/JonBaldwinart for more information.


Local Des Moines Artist that wants to show art with the expression of thought and emotion. I want my brush strokes to entail that emotion, to convey the message.


I am an artist that explores all emotions. My delivery in my work is to explore the color that I use and not solely the subject matter. I will always believe that the judgment of my peers and the public is the most important item in art. I do not like to discuss my art to the point that I influence someone’s opinion. If questions are asked I try and answer them the best I can.

There are times that I am too hard on myself and am too critical of my work. The sea is not calm to often in my world and you learn to sink or swim. The current will guide me through this journey.


Artist that explores different mediums, subject matter and styles to convey the feel of a piece.